About The Board

The business and affairs of this organization shall be managed and controlled by a Board of Directors to represent the IMANC not less than 15 or not more than 21 in a time given number. The Board of Directors shall determine the exact number of directors at any given time.

The number of Board of Directors shall be composed of a minimum of 15 members: three (3) from Washington; three (3) from Oregon; and nine (9) from California. The Board of Directors may appoint 3 at-large representatives to the board. All Board of Directors and at- large shall be Iu Mien descendants nominated to a five (5)-year terms. The Board of Directors governs the organization and has the power to veto, remove, replace, and appoint any officers or board members.

IMANC Board of Directors shall have equal representation from local communities, cities, counties and states. Always with a special encouragement to increase female representation in all active leadership roles and at all decision making levels. The Board may appoint a Board member to represent a non-represented state district for temporary when deemed necessary.

A board member may vote by proxy with a written statement submitted to the Board three (3) days prior to the general election. A proxy voting process can be used during the Presidential Election.