The Mission of the Iu Mien American National Coalition is to promote solidarity, education, justice, and peace for Iu Mien people.

The Iu Mien American National Coalition, Inc. (IMANC) maintains that Iu Mien culture, language, moral values, and educational commitment forms all valuable contributions to the ongoing formation and enrichment of its community members.

Board Members

The business and affairs of this organization shall be managed and controlled by a Board of Directors to represent the IMANC not less than 15 or not more than 21 in a time given number. The Board of Directors shall determine the exact number of directors at any given time.



We believe that in order for IMANC to flourish in this development and endeavor, it is imperative to have committees that encompass a comprehensive plan and program with high potential to garner a wide-range of support from our Iu Mien colleagues throughout the United States, and as such, we are confident that the committees listed here have those element in place to make IMANC a strong organization to promote our community.

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